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The summer of my discontent arrived today.   The constant persistent illusion of democracy, freedom,  and the American Way comes to bear and my brain fries on the contradictions.   My life in global society represents the scum that rings the toilet  of American politics.  Objectified as a freak, relegated to the third class of untouchables that America cannot admit it creates and sustains, fodder for the Religious Right’s scurilous, unjustified, hateful bigotry, I am without hope for recognition of my value as a human being.

There is a tendency in AmSoc [American Society…for Orwell], at least in marbled halls of liberalism to note that…”things are getting better for transexual.”  I hear this a lot.   They, the avid followers of spin, tell me that I have no reason to be distraught. I suppose that I should strive for some gratuitous obsequiousness.   I don’t know what “better” means to them, but it ain’t better to me.

In the tiny little hamlet where I subsist, Churches are popping up like mushrooms. It is almost as if they are a peculiar contagion seeking only to dominate the world by imposing their amorphous unproven, very suspect spores of judgment and condemnation around the globe using a book of relativistic self help slogans that can, and does mean almost anything to anyone. I have long held that Christians, especially rabid Christians, would contribute more to the world by demonstrating their efficient implementation of the ten commandments in the context of their own lives before beginning full-scale prosyletization of the savage masses.

To achieve this, a christian might pick just one of those wonderful, absolutist little sentences, just one mind you, like thou shalt not kill and make it their mantra.   Yet the self proclaimed christians who reside in the White House make their living off of justified genocide.   Another great Commandment that I would love to see implemented is the one that says “judge not, lest you be judged.”  Yes, I would like to avoid the  judgment of those people who build the churches where bigotry is justified.  But most of those hateful establishments seek only to castigate rather than liberate.

The following statement may be challenged, but even a small amount of investigation will prove the absolute accuracy of the them.   All major religions of the world reject Transexualism as a legitimate medical condition.  All major religions seek to excude trans people but for a certain amount of tokenism. All major governing bodies, from governments to the U.N. ignore, persecute and marginalize trans people as  deviant or pathological.   No wonder that as trans people we generally kill ourselves in our prime.  This world is not yet our world.

Were I black, Jewish, Muslim, physically disabled, or a member of any other  minority, my treatment at the hands of a “christian country’ would bring outcries form humanist groups all over the world.  But the wholesale ostracism, murder and suicide of trans people is largely ignored and occasionally celebrated.  If religion was pro-active on the inclusion of all of “god’s children,” my world would feel a little safer.  Yet religion continues to ignore or judge or promote hate, thereby participating in my oppression.

This country of my birth refuses, based largely on religious hate and/or ignorance, to acknowledge me as a fully human.  Through the unconstitutional notion of ‘faith based initiative,” which by it very wording is exclusionary, promotes hate and judgement.  I have no faith-in god, country, or people.  Faith is a very flawed, highly subjective concept that is NOT a prerequisite for citizenship.   Faith is like hope…an abstract wish that things get better on their own or by means of an external force. Hope exists in the context of a world on the brink of self-annihilation.  And I do not subscribe to it as a viable notion in my life.  Hope precludes action.

One reason and only one reason prevents me from having full citizenship in the country.  Religion has determined that I, as a member of a sexual minority, am not deserving of the civil rights that remain unquestioned for every other category of human beings. Over the last 27 years I have been faithfully in love with one person.  A woman with beautiful eyes and heart.   Yet because of the arrogant stranglehold of religious influence on the governments and the character-deficient lackeys who conduct business for them and have the nerve to call it democratic governance, my soulmate and I are not allowed the same rights as hetero couples.  The supreme ignorance and judgmentalism of religion is the unspoken justification for this blatant bigotry.

I am an atheist American. I don’t care about, respect or recognize the “authority” of the sheep who hide their prejudice behind the walls of churches-foregoing the spiritual instruction of their theocratic dogma-in a rush to judgment regarding a subject never addressed in their book of rules.  The battle is, once again, a thinly veiled attempt to suppress science beneath the power structure of theism.  The fact that superstitious dogma continues to hold sway over reason and intellect is still the best reason to abolish organized religion and promote rationalism.


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